Gemma Hollis


I am the founder of Push Glide Kick LLC.  


Originally from the UK, I have settled in The Woodlands TX after living and working outside the UK for the last 12yrs, in Dubai, Singapore and more recently California.  I have been swim coaching around the world and I am excited to bring that experience to TX. 


I am passionate about great swim technique and how this leads to improved performance.  I am focused on balancing technique with training to ensure efficiency and effective development for all.  


This passion was recognised by World Renowned swim coach and founder of 'Swim Smooth' Paul Newsome.  I was invited to train to become one of only a handful of certified Swim Smooth coaches. I was the 3rd to be certified in the USA. All Swim Smooth coaches are trained in advanced video analysis and stroke correction. Video analysis is by far the quickest and most insightful way to improve your stroke. I also hold the AUSTSWIM (Australian) swimming qualifications.

I am an avid triathlete, passionate about the sport and helping people achieve their goals within it.  For some, the swim is the hardest part, for these people I aim to make their development easier and more fun. Learning to 'love' their swim training and appreciating how the swim fits within the sport of triathlon. For other people effective training can make all the difference. Whilst they say you don't win the world championships in the swim you can certainly loose it if your training and stroke isn't effective or efficient. 


I understand the importance of swimming in triathlon, also how swimming in open water is different to the pool and the skills required to be successful.