I offer a range of services designed to meet your needs, based on your goals, your swim stroke and your ability. Click on the book now button above to book any service. 

            Swim Smooth Video Analysis Session $175

If you are looking to improve your swimming technique then look no further! A video analysis session is perfect if you have unanswered questions about why you might have plateaued-off with your performance.  Not only will we address your stroke technique but also discuss your training approach as that is also a big part of your personal swim performance.


The Video Analysis Session is my premium coaching service and is suitable for any level of swimmer - from those of you learning to swim the freestyle stroke for the first time, to those looking to break world records (and everywhere in between!).

A video analysis session consists of:
- Very high quality filming with unparalleled insight into your stroke from above and below the water.
Filming in a private pool, without the turbulence of an endless pool.
- Full analysis and discussion of your stroke that is recorded for you so you can watch it back later in your own time to remember the key points covered.
- Where relevant you will have your stroke compared to others in order to highlight key points and ensure full understanding of your stroke faults and visualize what the stroke should look like.
- You will have a comprehensive stroke correction session focusing on your individual weaknesses and the root cause of your stroke issues.


Video analysis sessions are so powerful and effective you will take some make major strides forward in your swimming and be on the right path towards the ideal stroke for you. A valuable investment in your swimming journey.  

If you are booking this session for a child please contact us to discuss the appropriateness based on their age and experience.


Duration -  75-90 mins  

The current booking schedule is released up to end Feb



           Stroke Correction & Development Session $75

A comprehensive stroke correction and development session, focusing on your individual weaknesses and the root causes of your stroke issues.This session is tailored to your individual swimming needs and goals.


It is likely to include the use of drills and training techniques to help overcome your stroke flaws and identification of what is holding your stroke back.


This session is valuable following a video analysis session when further video is not required. Or for swimmers looking for less regular sessions following a course of learn to swim lessons.

Suitable for those who can already swim a continuous 100 yards freestyle.

Duration - 45 mins  NB: This session does not include video analysis.

The current booking schedule is released up to end Feb

           Group Swim Session $10 (when paying for 10) $15 individual

As an adult, group swimming is fun, develops your fitness and is often far more motivating than swimming alone!

I offer 9 group swim sessions a week at Forestgate Pool in The Woodlands:

Monday - 6am & 10am - Technique Endurance

Wednesday - 5:30am & 9:30am (90 min session) - Endurance

Friday - 6am & 10am - Threshold Development 

I use a "Pay as you go" system, that means that you only pay when you actually swim. There is no monthly or yearly subscription. Each session is strictly limited in number, which is a key to maintaining our great squad coaching atmosphere. As the demand is high I have an advanced booking and waiting list system.  You must book in advance, and you have 12hr before the class to cancel your booking, so even if a session is full, do not hesitate to join the waiting list as you may have a good chance to have a spot. 

Simply 'click' on the book now button above to enter the booking system, and search under classes for group swimming. First class is free so come and give us a try!

Duration - 1hour (Wednesday 5:30 and 9:30am can be extended to 90 mins if you wish)

Group Swim Sessions can be booked for the whole of 2020


           Adult Learn To Swim Lessons $50

Learning to swim is a life skill. It can not only be life saving but can lead to a lifetime of fun in the water. Whether you are looking to take part in your first triathlon, enjoy water activities with your family, or to rehab from an injury learning to swim can be life changing.


Learning to swim as an adult can be intimidating, let me work with you in a private environment to develop your skills at the pace thats most suitable for you.  My knowledge and experience will see you develop quickly, provide you with skills to practice that will see you achieve your goals.

Duration - 30 mins 

The current booking schedule is released up to end Feb

           Child Swim Lessons $50

Learning to swim is a life skill. It can not only be life saving but can lead to a lifetime of fun in the water.  

All child swim lessons are 1 to 1 in a private home pool environment. Focusing on what your child needs', at a pace suitable for their development.  No waiting or being distracted by others.

Duration - 30 mins 

The current booking schedule is released up to end Feb


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