What people say!

Feedback is so important, providing services that suit the needs of the people I work with is critical to my success.  Whether its working with individuals in 1 to 1 sessions, or developing swimmers in the group swim sessions - focusing on individuals, their needs and goals is what I do!


“The confidence I've gained in the water this year is unreal. You've done wonders for my swim. Nothing better than when you have a coach that pushes you beyond your preconceived limits”​
Joe Chevalier


“The time gains you'll get from a video analysis are worth more than an aero helmet, disk wheels and carbon anything combined and a fraction of the cost!”​
Jeremy Bebiak


I spent 6 years plateaued as a mid pack swimmer. I was introduced to Gemma in early 2016 and scheduled a video analysis of my swim stroke. Within days of reviewing my results and working on my areas of improvement, I was able to see progress that I had not seen in the past. Being fortunate enought to live in the proximity of Gemma's coached swim workouts, my progress has continued to advance steadily in the past year. My T1 times have even improved as a result and I get on the bike much less winded than in the past. I highly recommend any and all levels of swimmers to schedule a swim analysis with Gemma, it will be the best triathlon investment you make. If you happen to live nearby, check out her coached workouts as well, she will make you the best swimmer you can possibly be. Looking forward to seeing my swim times in 2017.

Steve Hardy


“I first contacted Gemma in September 2015 after I had signed up for the 2016 Texas IronMan.  I was confident at swimming breaststroke (slowly!) but I could not manage more than 2 lengths of freestyle without collapsing out of breath!  Following a series of lessons and lots of homework, by the time the Texas IronMan came around I was confident that I could swim the distance in open water and actually enjoyed the experience.  My swim time was 1 hour 23 mins which was significantly faster than I ever thought I would be able to achieve, and importantly I was feeling good for the following bike and run.  In a little over a year I have improved from barely being able to swim 100 yards to being a confident and competent swimmer - and this is entirely down to the expert tuition I have received from Gemma!.”​
Ewan Evans


“I am legally blind and have gone to several people to learn how to swim freestyle so I can train ad do triathlons.  She is very patient and informative and has a world of knowledge.  She has taught me a tremendous amount about swimming.  I never thought I could actually swim freestyle and be comfortable in the water, not only have we achieved this but I find swimming the most fun workout! Thank you.”​
Richard Zambrano